Sunday, September 17, 2006

Movie Reviews

Ok, so I watch A LOT of movies. I figured I'd start doing movie reviews in between my sketch posts (I kind of got the idea from my friends Ernie and Gabby... separate conversations). So anyway, here goes....

First up.. Brother Bear
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Ok, yes I rented it. I liked the first one, mostly because my friend Tom Dow did layouts for the film, and gave me and Stephanie a tour of the studio while they were making the picture, but I also liked it for the solid animation, and simply because it featured the McKenzie Brothers, aka Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis, as the Moose Brothers, Rutt and Tuke.
Well I was happy to see that they returned again and were featured more prominently into the story. Not only did Thomas and Moranis return, but they now have female moose love interests, played by fellow SCTV alumni, Andrea Martin and Catherine O'hara. I have to say, that's inspired casting. Rutt and Tuke remained funny and true to the characters they originated on SCTV, so many years ago.
As for the rest of the story... Blah. The Direct-To-Video filmmakers decide to introduce to us a female character, Nita, that Kenai (the Native-American that was magically turned into a bear in the first movie, and remains a bear in this one) fell in love with, when he was a child. I won't bore you with the story, but Nita (Mandy Moore) and Kenai renew a love they had together years ago.... BUT HE'S A BEAR AND SHE'S HUMAN!!!!! Just a tad weird.
Patrick Dempsey (Can't Buy Me Love, Loverboy ... oh yeah and that show Grey's Anatomy), is now the voice of Kenai, and well he sounds NOTHING like Joaquin Phoenix.
The animation is still solid, thanks to the Australia studio (that Disney decided to shut down last year).
I really don't have a "rating system" as of yet, but I'd definitely say, don't bother with this one.

Ok, next movie... The Last Kiss
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A somewhat slow moving dramedy, but I really did care for the characters and connected with some of them. If you haven't seen the previews, Zach Braff plays a 29 year old that has been dating Jacinda Barrett for three years, and she is 3 months pregnant. As everyone in their small universe suddenly finds their relationships deteriorating, Braff reevaluates his own life when a 20 year old college student, played by Rachel Bilson, hits on him at his friend's wedding, as his pregnant girlfriend is not far away.
Although it's hard to believe that so many relationships can go to shit all at the same time, with the magic of movies, we can suspend some disbeliefs.
I definitely was cringing over stupid mistakes that characters were making, but I think at some time in everyone's life we are all put in a position where we question ourselves if we should or shouldn't, and aren't quick to rationalize the implications that may come after.
There are many truths that the story tells, and I think that this movie will really only speak to people in their mid to late 20's and older, middle to upper-middle class.
Overall, I definitely find it worth seeing, but it's really not a good "date" movie, no matter if it's your first date, or you're in a "healthy" relationship, unless you're ready to talk about relationships immediately after.
Not a bad movie to see in the theaters, but it can wait to be rented.

Ok, so those are my movie reviews. I'll have more in the future, and maybe even a book review or two, since I also bought a couple books today as well.

Check for a sketch post tomorrow... Later...

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