Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sci-Fi Dog for RadAx Blog (hey that rhymes!)

This is a drawing I did for the new Radical Axis blog:
  • Radical Axis Blog

  • Each month, someone will come up with a new "assignment" for everyone at our studio who wants to participate. This month it was Sci-fi Dogs. We can interpret it anyway we want. This is what I came up with. Check out the blog to see the other fun drawings!


    Anonymous said...

    Europe appears to be a series of islands in your dogs-in-space future. I guess it was global warming? The middle finger is a nice touch.

    optionjoe said...

    Oops, yeah I resized Earth and I forgot to fix Europe... well in actuality that's Ireland and England, but I still should have a bit of Europe over there as well.
    Glad you noticed the middle finger.

    Tim Farrell said...

    I think there is a strange bit of anatomy going on in the area between the dog's "elbow" and leg closest to the camera.