Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Window Seat

The last project I worked on at Radical Axis. All six of the shorts are finally on the comedy central website.
These are the three that I worked on the most. Basically it was myself and one other animator coming up with all of the poses and animating them in a limited style. Missy Feaster and I were a team, and Jason Shwartz and Eric Cerda were the other team. They animated three different episodes. I think Missy was out of town for the Cat Lady episode, because Jason and I pretty much animated that one ourselves. The teams would help each other out when needed, so you might see all of our names on a few of the credits.


Jason Barnes said...

nice limited style. modeled after those airline safety brochures, classic. hah

Jason Barnes said...

whoa whoa whoa, sorry. i had to comment again after seeing the cat lady one! HAHAH that was amazing

you could definitely tell that no women worked on that one haha. when she holds up that fist full of fat, oh my god i was dyin'. excellent work Joe