Friday, March 28, 2008

End of a sketchbook

We had a good run ol' friend. I even used some of your pages double sided (something I rarely do). I have to move on to someone else though. So long dear sketchbook and I'm sure to look upon you from time to time... cheers.

These are some sketches that I did at LAX

I really liked how these two guys were conversing. The guy on the left was very energetic and in the guy in the right's face most of the time and the guy on the right was just laid back and listening.

I saw this fat kid in a HUGE sombrero with a backpack on just twisting back and forth. I really would like to do some kind of painting or animation with it. Simple, but funny.

This old guy was great. It's not often you see people at the airport dressed up, but this guy was wearing a blazer. He's definitely old school.

These were sketches I did at Borders today

This is actually a sketch I did at LAX, but I really wanted to make a drawing of this dude I saw at Borders in Glendale. He just looked so jovial and into the book he was reading. He was obviously too large for the chair he was sitting in as well and was WAY too dressed for winter, especially when it was like 60 degrees outside.

I was flipping through the channels before I went to borders and I came across the univision or telemundo version of Family Feud. This guy is inspired by the dad of one of the families on the show.

Monday, March 17, 2008


In late October of 2007, my friend Dustin Bocks called me up asking me if I'd be interested in working on a pilot. The show is called Kiko and it's based off a children's book Rhombus Creative, the company Dustin works for, has published and intends to make into a series.
I said yes and pulled together a team of five, Ashley Burke, Eric Cerda, Pierre Cerrato, and Mike Macnerald. We started producing the pilot the very end of December. I was the animation director, while Dustin directed us from California. Eric and I animated the characters in Flash and created the digital set-up. Ashley and Mike created the backgrounds. Ashley and Pierre did all of the compositing, while Pierre did final composite and edit. We worked off of Dustin's animatics and character designs he created off the book. We had it completed in just over a month. It was a fun project to work on and I think it came out great! You can check it out on at this site:


Dustin and another guy even created a cute little game working off of run/fly cycles Eric and I did, and they used Mike Mac's bgs, making a 3D environment.

It's already being discussed to be made into a series. Check it out and enjoy.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow, it's been AWHILE..... Well I went to life drawing tonight. Something I haven't done since last summer. I'm really happy with how most of my drawings came out. Here's a few of them that I really like.