Friday, May 09, 2008


Hey folks

I'm officially a California resident and I just went to the Marc Davis lecture at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater. Man it got me excited to draw. Not only did the panel (Andreas Deja, Eric Goldberg, Pete Docter, and James Baxter) have some amusing stories and clips to share, Andreas also pulled out a stack of drawings from the nine old men. He had some early drawings up to some of their last theatrical drawings. It definitely was inspiring and just proved the fact that I can also grow as an artist/animator in the years ahead.
They are also opening an exhibit of animation art and we got to see a preview of it. Some great artwork, from Mary Blair Alice and Cinderella pieces, to Maurice Noble layouts, to Gay Purr-ee model sheets, to development stuff from Warners (Animals) and Disney (Jekyll and Hyde). Very cool and it opens officially next week FOR FREE!
I'm excited to meet and see more amazing animation folks out here in the near future.