Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Card

I created our Christmas Card this year. Here's some of the development I did just for the card. I'll post the final card as soon as I start mailing it out (I know I'm such a tease)

Early thumbnails. Originally I was going to set it in a winter scene (the people surrounding the thumbnails are just doodles).

I had an epiphany and set it on the sunny Southern California beach instead. This is still rough, but it's coming together.

Rebecca suggested changing the snowman into a sand castle.

Here are some rough drawings of just the kids in the card. The boy is a caricature of me. The girl is a caricature of Rebecca. The boy building the sand castle is a caricature of our roommate, Shep.

This is my final rough. Stay tuned for the final card... or maybe just look in your mailbox :D .

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