Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caricatures while watching the tube

These are all caricatures I came up with while watching Couples Retreat on DVD:

This is just a background character in the movie.

A caricature of Faizon Love

Both of these were of Vince Vaughn

And finally of Jean Reno (aka the Professional)

Cleaned up caricatures

Besides cleaning up the costume gestures from my Sunday class, I've also been cleaning up some caricatures from John Quinn's class at LAAFA last semester.

I previously posted the rough caricatures of these drawings on my blog

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Costume Gestures

Here are a few princesses from the same Costume Gesture class:

Costume Gesture Sketching Class

I'm taking another class at LAAFA, this time taught by instructor Mark McDonnell . I'm really enjoying the class and feel that I'm making even more leaps and bounds with my drawings.

Below are from my first day of class. I have also included the cleaned up drawings. This is a first for me, because I usually never clean up my gestures.
Please let me know what you think!