Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stephen Silver introducing Posebook App

Stephen Silver held a seminar introducing his new iPhone/iPad/Android app, Posebook. It's a great new app for artists that need reference while drawing. It was released before Thanksgiving, but there'll be updates and additional versions coming in the near future.
Stephen brought with him the model in the Male Posebook pack, John Tucker dressed as a pirate. I sketched him while Stephen was talking about the app.   

These were 30 second poses. I hadn't been to a life drawing class in awhile and I could immediately tell I was rusty.

We then drew 5 minute poses, which I felt I was getting better with.

The last thing Stephen encouraged us to do was look at the pose for 30 seconds, then the model would move. In 2 - 3 minutes we had to draw the model from memory. It was difficult mostly because the model was staring right at me, it made me self-conscious and I wasn't really focused on observing him, but rather "why did he choose to stare right at me?"

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